Personalized disaster plans

Get your family ready for the next disaster

Perci Vest helps you and your family with safe and smooth evacuation from disasters Perci App helps you and your family prepare for every disaster and creates a customized disaster plan

In simple small steps Perci makes a disaster plan for you. Then updates as needed. For wildfires, hurricanes, floods and more.

Perci is an all-in-one disaster readiness solution customized to your location and household size.

All the ways to protect your loved ones in one place



Take the stress out of emergency preparedness with the Perci app’s customized disaster plans and guidance.



Get peace of mind and overcome the fear of evacuation with Perci’s award-winning emergency vest.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Without a disaster preparedness plan, you could lose everything you care about – your family, friends, pets, belongings, and home.

Disasters come unexpectedly. So prepare for them before they happen. Get ready when you don't have to.

The house will need to be demolished. The flood insurance company asked us to take photos of each ruined item and write down its description. That will be an unimaginable undertaking.

Survivor from Hurricane Ian

Southwest Florida | Sept 28, 2022

My little boy just wanted his teddy bear. But we didn’t have time to grab it because we weren’t prepared.I felt so guilty. It broke my heart.

Evacuee from Marshall Fire

Boulder County, CO | Dec 30, 2021

When the water started coming up, I was more scared there than any time I have ever been scared in my life. I didn't know it was going to stop. And you know and - I'm thinking what will happen if it gets over our head?

Survivor from Hurricane Michael

Florida Panhandle | Oct 10, 2018

One app for everything you’ll need

In small, simple steps, Perci guides you through activities to prepare you for any disaster. The app saves all your disaster preparedness plans in one place.

Perci App quantifies your efforts of disaster readiness and guides you to higher levels of preapredness

The app creates a custom disaster preparedness plan based on your household location and needs.

Packing list

Customize suggested items so you know what to take in an evacuation.

Meeting Place

Set recommended meeting places for your family to reunite after a disaster

Trust Circle

Build the network of people with whom you’ll coordinate disaster plans.

Protect Property

Create a to-do list to secure your home before a disaster.

Home Inventory

Get step-by-step help to log your possessions for insurance claims.

Consolidated Alerts

Get real-time disaster alerts for your home in one simple feed from multiple sources.

If you want to keep your family safe from natural disasters, the time to prepare is now.

An emergency vest for any disaster

What would you do if you had to leave your home in a hurry? The app provides digital support – but you still need physical tools to get you out and keep you safe.

The Perci Vest is a hands-free wearable that you customize by packing with emergency items. So when the time comes, just throw on a Perci vest, and focus on evacuating your family and protecting your home.

circle-mobile Perci Vest is an evacuation on the go made of light sturdy material with preparedness items ordered in pockets with clean labels

“90% of all rescues in major disasters are performed by family and neighbors, NOT professional first responders”.

Source: Emergency Survival Guide, 2019 | Los Angeles County

“Unprecedented flooding has made it difficult to respond to calls for help.”

Source: Sheriff | Volusia County, Florida | Day AFTER Hurricane Ian landfall (Sep 2022)

Prepare for the worst instead of hoping for the best

Try the Perci app free for 30 days and get your plan in place before you need it.

Coming Summer of 2023

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