Employee Benefit of Disaster Readiness

Get your employees prepared for any disaster and give them and yourself peace of mind

An organization is only as resilient as its people

" Of all stakeholders, employees are the most significant drivers of corporate disaster response efforts. Companies have signficant value to add in pre-disaster preparedness and post-disaster recovery "
The Conference Board, Sep 2023

Give your employees the benefit of safety at home

  • Personalized disaster plans. Built step-by-step with the Perci mobile app
  • Real-time updates. From national and local sources about incoming and ongoing disasters
  • Quick safe evacuation. With a lightweight hands free wearable emergency evacuation kit, Perci Vest
  • Improved emotional and mental well-being
  • Peace of mind

Safer employees. Stronger business.

  • Enhance business continuity. Employees who are prepared recover from disasters more quickly and safely.
  • Increase retention with a benefit your employees value.
  • Show that you value your employees’ well-being.
  • Efficient use of Employee Relief/Crisis Fund.
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Families are ill-prepared for disasters
of Americans admit they don’t have an emergency plan
More households live in disaster-prone areas
Counties in the US declared a natural disaster from 2013 to 2023
Insurers do not cover natural disasters
Largest property insurers do not write coverages, or exclude protections, for extreme events
Frequency & severity of disasters is increasing
Billion-dollar disasters in 2023. Highest number ever.

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