We make getting ready for disasters possible for every family.

We create simple, step by step, all-in-one preparedness experience that strips away the fear of the unknown and takes the burden of getting ready for disasters off of your shoulders.

Our promise: To give you all the tools to achieve peace of mind.

With Perci, you can live a more worry-free life knowing you are taking all the necessary steps for disaster safety.

We promise to make you feel more:

Confident that you’re extensively prepared for the worst
In better control of the unexpected
Safe and secure when the earth shakes, fires blaze, or waters rise high
Supported by your trusted circle of family, friends and neighbors

Did you hear?

84 %

of Americans live in areas that have experienced a natural disaster in the last 3 years.

54 %

of them have experienced devastating consequences.

90 %

of all rescues in major disasters are performed by neighbors, not first responders.

69 %

of survey respondents said they got help from neighbors recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

71 %

of Americans admit they don’t have a detailed emergency plan in the event of a natural disaster.

Who we serve: Anyone, anywhere

No matter where you live, or what natural disasters happen there, we’ll help you to prepare well before the disaster strikes.

What we’re known for:
Giving you one less thing to worry about so you can feel more at peace daily

Stress less about disaster preparation

Relieve the overwhelming burden of disaster readiness

Breathe easy with simple step-by-step readiness guidance from us

Be kept accountable regardless of how busy you are

Receive relevant alerts tailored to your family’s location

Discover crucial options and solutions you may not have known

Have questions or need some help with disaster readiness? Send us a message.