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Perci takes the stress out of emergency preparedness with all the proper guidance in a single place.

Create a reliable disaster preparedness plan with total ease

When disaster strikes, you’ll have everything you need in one place, and we’ll guide you the entire way.

Set your meeting place so all of your loved ones know where to come together in a time of need

Build a trust circle of close friends, family, and neighbors to share your plan with when emergency responders can’t reach you in time

Create a packing list complete with everything essential so you can evacuate quickly and panic-free

Secure your home the right way before you’re required to evacuate

Store important documents digitally in case physical ones get lost

Take your home’s inventory by logging your precious possessions for insurance claims

Start shifting your preparedness mindset from reactive to proactive

And so much more to ensure your family’s safety before a natural disaster

Share your plans, spread
awareness, and get
rewarded for it

90% of rescues in major disasters are performed by family and neighbors. Up your survival chances by spreading the good word.

Earn badges as you build up your emergency plan and climb the readiness rankings

Share your disaster plan assets and badges with your trust circle to earn stars

Collect stars to receive special Perci subscription discounts

Sleep better knowing essential safety alerts are at your fingertips

Any active disaster alerts specific to your area are stored in the Perci app for easy access so you’re always informed.

Displayed in real-time so you never miss what’s happening and can react accordingly

Consolidated into one simple view from multiple emergency sources

Easily accessible in a single location that you can refer back to when you need to

Alerts from trustable sources:

National Weather Service

Local Fire & Police Department

Office of Local Emergency Management

Mayor's Office

Governor's Office

Build unshakeable disaster readiness confidence by furthering your knowledge and shifting your perspective

Drastically lessen the fear and anxiety surrounding the unexpected with simple resources that Perci’s equipped with.

Brush up on emergency preparedness basics with our detailed readiness guides

Learn the do’s and don’ts of storing food, stashing cash,and more with our pop-up tips

Become the trustworthy source of information in your circle with an improved perspective on preparedness

Disaster readiness doesn’t have to be complex or intimidating

We know that it can feel that way, and that’s okay. All you need is a little guidance from the experts.

Try perci app for FREE to make your evacuation plan.

Upgrade to make 7 more plans. No commitment. Cancel anytime.

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How much is yours and your family’s safety worth to you?

84% of Americans live in areas that have experienced some form of a natural disaster in the past three years, but 71% don’t have a detailed emergency plan.

With Perci in your back pocket, and a new outlook on the importance of disaster preparedness, you’ll never be a part of the 71% that are at-risk of losing everything.