Perci Vest

Evacuate your family quickly and safely with a new kind of wearable.

Designed by those who survived disasters.

Handsfree. Lightweight. Easy to find when evacuating. Grab Perci Vest and go. Focus on saving family & home.

So simple your grandma could evacuate in a jiffy!

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Perci Vest + 25 items $159.34
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Perci will be one of my GO TO for emergencies. I have ordered 4 Perci Vests for my family. It has all major essential items. It is lightweight. Customizable. I am also ordering Perci Vests for my team to care for their families.

Captain | Fire Department | Los Angeles


I ordered the Perci Vest because it's functional and practical. The unique design allows me to easily customize emergency items for my family's needs and wear the vest for non-emergency activities like biking. The Perci Vest is such a good idea, that I invited the founder, Vivek, to give a talk at our monthly block club meeting.

M. Wright | Chesterfield Square Community Block Club, Los Angeles


I see Perci Vest is one of the most practical & important necessities to have for evacuation. To hang the fully loaded vest in the closet and simply put it on at a critical time can be a time-saver, not to mention a life-saver.

Margo Thomas | Crenshaw Health Partners

A disaster kit with 25 items in easy to access pockets. Items essential for any survival checklist.

Front of Perci evacuation Vest with essential emergency items in each pocket listed on the right side
Back of Perci evacuation Vest with essential emergency items in each pocket listed on the left side

Perci vest provides peace of mind. And overcomes the fear of evacuation.

Perci vest

Regular use = Better readiness

Using the vest for hikes, or walking the dog, means you are comfortable with it and are customizing it for your daily needs.

Go bag

Occasional use = Forgetfulness

Forgetting things in a rush is expected. It’s even harder when you haven’t looked at your go bag for weeks, months or even years .

Perci vest

Easy to find in a hurry

Regular use means you can find the vest on a short notice as may happen for an evacuation.

Go bag

Easy to misplace

Go bag might be under the bed, in the closet, in the garage and hard to find in a hurry, especially if mom is not around.

Perci vest

Always hands free & lightweight

Just put on the vest and get to safety while keeping your hands free to carry children, pets, important things, or to protect property.

Go bag

May or maynot be hands free

Depending on the go bag, you may have to carry it in your hands or both hands if it’s heavy for you or grandma

Perci vest

Evacuation items at finger tips

The labeled pockets make it easy to find items that you need during evacuation. Personal daily use items do not get mixed up with emergency essentials.

Go bag

Fishing around

Finding emergency items means digging through the insides of a go bag, taking out items, looking at them, putting them back in...

Perci vest

Complete solution

Evacuation is but one element of disaster preparedness. The Perci App, offered free with the Vest, helps you complete all other steps to be ready for any disaster.

Go bag

Stand Alone

Go Bags do not help you with creating Disaster Plans, setting Meeting Places, Creating Trust Circle, or Backing Up Documents or Creating Home Inventory and much more.

Perci vest
Go bag
Perci Vest on a rotating mannequin in the center surrounded by four images of real people evacuating while wearing Perci vest

Be confident that you are ready for evacuation

Sturdy & lightweight

The Perci vest is made with ripstop nylon the same high-quality material with crosshatch reinforcements as used in wingsuits and parachutes.

Perci Vest close up showing charcoal colored ripstop nylon, gray polyester mesh, orange knit side panel, and orange zippers


Icons, trims & logo are made of reflective material to allow visibility in low light. Orange side panels, piping, and zippers are for high visibility.

Perci evacuation Vest close-up showing gray reflective icons and logos for high visibility during a disaster


Labeled. Accessible. Large.

Perci evacuation Vest close-up showing the pockets outside and inside with their orange zippers


Thoughtfully curated emergency items. Packed with everything from personal safety items to first aid box, hygiene products, and tools for light and warmth.

Perci evacuation Vest close-up showing the essential emergency items sticking halfway out of the pockets


Uniquely designed to ensure comfort without weighing you down and yet very contemporary for regular use.(We’ve seen some hefty vests out there!)

Perci evacuation Vest on a young woman with view from the front, back and side showcasing a stylish charcoal colored apparel

Use it when you don’t need it

Regular use of Perci Vest during your evening walks, a trip to the mall, on a hike, walk with your dog, or stroll with a child will get you ready when you really need it during an evacuation.